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West Coast Hip Hop Awards 2017 Oakland,California August 5th & 6th weekend


Omar Gooding is going to be Hosting  Official West Coast Hip Hop Awards 2017 10th Annual Oakland,California August 5th & 6th weekend All west coast rappers and producers,Media,Record labels ,distributions companies ,Sponsors Register ASAP voting polls Vote by email for for VIP and Performance slots contact ,The biggest and only official west coast hip hop and rap awards show now in our 10th year ! OVER 200 MAJOR AND INDEPENDENT ARTISTS AND LABELS WILL BE IN THE BUILDING! see you there 11n 11k 11aaq 11aq 11ad award201310 award20137 award20135 award20132 augie66 art17 ap55 ap56 ap58 eazyt ap62 ap66 awar awar6 awcflyercopy aa22 aaar aaf aah ap43 ap57 6370_101297896549005_100000063865773_36665_2188473_n 64imp 4 3 2PAC 2 1 254204_223223607701301_100000409912177_825074_2814983_n a AA6 184826_10150198706547564_515692563_8973819_2194521_nOmar has worked his way through television and into film as a dedicated actor. Starting out in television, this Los Angeles, California native played the part of Host in the 1990 series Wild & Crazy Kids...

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