WCHHA 17 Promo Flyer

WCHHA 17 Flyer 1 Official West Coast Hip Hop Awards 2017 10th Annual Oakland, CA August 5th All west coast rappers and producers,Media,Record labels ,distributions companies ,Sponsors Register ASAP voting polls Vote by phone (206) 278-4223 Vote by email votingawards2016@yahoo.com for for VIP and Performance slots contact octaviusmiller@yahoo.com ,The biggest and only official west coast hip hop and rap awards show now in our 10th year ! OVER 200 MAJOR AND INDEPENDENT ARTISTS AND LABELS WILL BE IN THE BUILDING! see you there Oakland, CA August 5th 
 Some people are wondering why we did the awards show? and the love we received from around the world for supporting this movement of the west coast hip hop awards, We really appreciate the love and respect we are finally getting from our peers and fellow hip hop communities around the world, and while we realize that our future of hip hops elite status has eluded the contributions of the west as a whole we are striving to make things better for the future rappers coming from the west , we have to blaze a new trial set new standards archive new goals set new and even higher goals as we reach for the stars there is a lot of information on the Facebook and Myspace pages and a lot of legends that we can vote on also there are many that have contributed that are not on the list because the levels vary from producers, recording artists, Promoters, Publicists, Radio programmers, Dj's, Retail stores, Labels, Distribution, Video shows, College radio, Urban radio, Conventions ,Fans, even in these times where even the fruity loops and triton keyboards are sold at a rabbits pace, And with the internet and Youtube and Myspace and Facebook ,Pandora, Reverb nation we have more choices of entertainment to choosefrom some good some not so good but we have choices of who we want to be our new recording stars, times have change and there are a new breed of rappers out here now and they will get their chance to shine but let’s rewind to remember when it wasn’t the thing to do was listen to rap music when everybody over 25 hated it and our parents was like what’s that noise? They liked a few of the old school songs that sampled there old school favorite song but they began to warm up to the fact that Times and music was changing,Or when we seen the east coast artists get some love on the grammy's the Run dmc's , LL cool J's they made us proud but at the same time we had classic hits out west, Poplockin, Radio activity ,Egyptian lover, Too short, Nwa, world class wrecking crew and many more no love, As we continued on throughout the years just a few slipped through the crack from the west and when it did it was commercial ie: M.c hammer the 90's seen more love but only because of video shows that played our videos and radio stations that played our music maybe it’s just in my mind but when death row and ,Master p and , e 40's and ice cubes and Ruthless, and tone loc’s, and digital undergrounds ,Tupacs where making history and we were in control of our destiny by blazing new trails and owning our master recordings things changed the independent artists and labels were making strides un heard of for the times and making record money, the Pac and biggie beef became bigger than life and beyond both of their controls sent record buyers to the south for refuge and good fun music ! The east was always known for lyrics , The west for beats, The south for party music that’s how it was, a few artist bridge the gap and made names for themselves Nas, Jay z, Snoop, Ice cube, Dr dre ,Karupt, King T ,Kokane ,DJ quik, 2ND II None , Ras kass, Xibit, Ice T, That crossed over and got east and west fans and after Pac and Biggie are gone now! rip to themit set the rap community back, scared record labels not to work with either coast most of the labels abandoned the west coast all together and only a few recording artist from the west got signed ever again, if they had a hit it didn’t last long because none of the powers to be at the time would air there videos or radio stations would keep them in rotation so a lot of quality music never seen the light of day, But became west coast anthems and legendary tracks so here we are and why these awards carry the responsibility to correct the past and move forward to the future we must honor those who got shut out and forced out of the industry the ones that did everything right but at the wrong time the quality west coast music that we deserve the past legends the ones that started it all from the west the Mr duffy's, Dj jinx ,bobcat, Julio g's ,Sway and techs, Dr funk, jerry heller’s, record labels who took chances priority, Interscope, Warner bros before they got scared! we salute you all we thanks all the peopleover the years that ever purchased a west coast artists CD or went to a concert who have fond memories of side shows, Bbq gatherings, Lake festivals, up and down the west coast, from Seattle to Tacoma ,Portland, Bay area ,Los Angeles, San Diego to Vegas and Reno ,Phoenix ,All the people overseas who love the west coast sound Germany, France, Japan ,Swiss, Africa, Mexico, South America ,U.K ,We love you all if you have any memories or pictures from the past up to now about the west coast hip hop we love please send them to us to archive.

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